Shazam acquires Tunezee tech for new lyrics feature


Shazam has announced the acquisition of technology from US startup Tunezee, which is being used for a new feature in its apps called LyricPlay. The idea: when people tag a song, they’ll now be able to see lyrics for it, synchronised in real-time to the actual song. Well, they will if it’s one of the songs whose lyrics are in Shazam’s internally-built database, which is starting with 25,000 of the most regularly-tagged songs on Shazam. Initially, LyricPlay will work in the premium versions of Shazam’s iPhone app, starting in the US and Canada, before rolling out to the UK, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Australia and New Zealand. Shazam says the deal is its first corporate acquisition, although to be clear, it has bought Tunezee’s technology, but not the company itself. Source: Mobile Entertainment


Written by: Music Ally