Want some big numbers for Apple’s upcoming cloud service to chew on? You got ’em, from analyst RBC Capital Markets. It surveyed 1,500 iPhone users earlier this month, and found that three quarters of them are planning to use the free elements of iCloud – a potential audience of 150 million people, based on the 200 million iOS devices sold so far. Which immediately raises a red flag for us, because plenty of people have bought two, three or more iOS devices in the last three years. Still, RBC says that 30% of people it surveyed said they’d be using the paid iTunes Match service to scan and match their music collections, which at $25 a year per user would mean $1.5 billion of revenues a year. But again: basing this on 30% of all the iOS devices ever sold seems risky – it requires an assumption of one device sold per user. In other iCloud news, Gracenote has announced that its MusicID service will be used for the scan-and-matching, but iCloud’s senior product manager John Herbold has left Apple for a new role at a health startup. Source: 9 to 5 Mac Source: Business Insider Source: 9 to 5 Mac

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