Yesterday’s Music 4.5 conference in London discussed ‘the death of collective licensing’, with one of the most interesting presentations coming from RjDj co-founder Michael Breidenbrucker, outlining the licensing headaches for a music app startup. He talked about working with Atlantic Records on an RjDj-powered app for one of its artists. “We talked and said `let’s do it!’. And about a year later we went through all the difficult negotiations with Atlantic and Warner, and were about to launch the product, but found there were four different parties responsible for the publishing rights, and we had to renegotiate everything. It didn’t work… At the end we released the product, but by the time we released it, the album was out of cycle and it didn’t sell. It was a flop… It was clearly not worth even doing that deal.” He contrasted this with a deal with Warner Bros to make an app for the Inception movie, which was much faster and smoother to get to market. “We had within the first week one million downloads of this thing, and within a month we crossed three million downloads. So that was a success.” Source: Music Ally Blog

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