When the On Air On Sale initiative was announced in the UK earlier this year, it met with praise: the idea of making digital tracks available to buy as soon as they were played on the radio seemed like a sensible approach to fighting piracy. However, the initiative has since met with less than universal support in terms of the songs that are actually being released. Now the Music Managers Forum and Featured Artists Coalition have released a joint press statement attacking the lack of momentum. “When fans hear music and want to consume it we need to provide legal means to do so. As an industry we need to grasp the nettle of monetising consumer behaviour,” says the statement. “As an industry, we’re either in favour of a world where artists, labels & managers hold back releases to manipulate the charts, or we’re in favour of a world where licensed download services are the first port of call for new music. Which is it? As an industry we campaigned for the stick of the Digital Economy Act yet happily turn a blind eye when it suits us. On Air On Sale is not On Air On Sale if we apply it selectively. As an industry if we let On Air On Sale collapse then everybody will know we are incapable of self-regulation.” Source: MMF

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