We’ve been reporting on some of the criticism of the US’ Protect IP Act, which is currently being scrutinised by legislators there. Now the RIAA’s EVP of public policy and industry relations Mitch Glazier has published a blog post expressing strong support for the legislation, and its provision for filtering and blocking infringing websites. “DNS filtering is currently in use in the U.S. to protect against malware and spam. And several other developed countries already implement DNS blocking – including France, Denmark, Italy and the U.K,” writes Glazier. “It’s safe to assume that the Internet has not “broken” since these measures were implemented. In fact, most of these countries that use DNS blocking have higher broadband adoption than the United States.” He goes on to say that the debate around this DNS blocking should not obscure the wider aims of the Act. “The PROTECT IP Act includes careful precautions not to restrict the flow of legitimate traffic to lawful websites. That’s the goal of the legislation – to increase interest in websites and services that offer legitimate products while curtailing access to illicit ones.” Source: RIAA

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