British law firm ACS:Law caused considerable controversy with its letters to alleged filesharers demanding money in order to avoid being sued. However, the company ceased trading in January after being challenged on its modus operandi, and has since been dragged through the courts itself. Yesterday, there were reports that the company had set up shop again, but this time sending letters to internet users in Greece demanding payments of £1,665 for alleged filesharing. The problem? ACS:Law founder Andrew Crossley says it isn’t his doing. “This is obviously a scam. I am reporting the matter to the police…it is not a demand made by me and it is quite clear from the way it was written that it was not,” he tells PC Pro. Meanwhile, the Guardian has established that the address of the fake ACS:Law listed on the new letters doesn’t exist – 18 Hanover Square was demolished last year due to rebuilding work on a nearby tube station. 
Source: PC Pro Source: Guardian

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