More data on the artist payouts from various streaming services has been revealed in an article in Norwegian newspaper Bergens Tidende. The story highlights a specific artist – Kaizers Orchestra – whose manager Eivind Brydoy explains that “On Spotify we can now perhaps serve around 15,000 kroner on 300,000 playbacks. This means that we earn as much there as we do for individual songs sold on iTunes”. That’s around $2,777 for 300,000 streams, or $0.01 per stream. By contrast, Brydoy says that the Kaizers receive around 500 kroner per 3,000 playbacks on Aspiro’s rival WiMP service, which works out at around $0.03 per stream. Why the difference? The different business models of Spotify and WiMP are the main cause: WiMP’s streams all come from paying subscribers, whereas Spotify’s payouts are based on a combination of subscription revenues and advertising around streams to free users. There’s also a question of scale, with Spotify now the largest digital music retailer in Norway according to IFPI figures.Read more:

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