The PRX Public Radio Exchange is the latest company to tap into The Echo Nest’s APIs for an iPhone music app. It’s called Bandito and was released yesterday, promising to give users personalised music news based on who they listen to most on their iPhone or iPod touch. The app scans the device’s music library, then pulls down news stories, blog posts and related links. Users can then re-order their list of artists, and refresh it when they have new music on the device. Bandito also includes a section called Hotlist which is more about music discovery – “a handpicked list of popular and breaking artists to get you started and expand your horizons”. The app is free but only provides 10 articles per artist, with users paying a one-off in-app payment to upgrade to unlimited news. At the time of writing, Bandito is only available in the US App Store. 
Source: AppShopper

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