Amazon blinks first and removes Kindle Store from its Kindle app for iOS


We wrote yesterday about the various companies removing access to online stores and subscriptions from their iOS apps, in response to new rules by Apple. At the time, we noted that Amazon’s Kindle app remained unchanged, suggesting a staring match between Amazon and Apple. Well, Amazon has blinked, and removed the Kindle Store button from its e-reader app. That means people will have to manually visit the Kindle mobile website (or the real one from their desktop) to buy books. As we said yesterday, Spotify and Rhapsody have both tweaked their iOS apps. What’s key here is that Apple is not barring iOS apps from accessing content or subscription services paid for outside its App Store ecosystem: it’s just not letting them do this within the actual apps unless they use its in-app payments system. 
Source: 9 to 5 Mac

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