When Amazon launched its own app store for Android devices earlier this year, developers were excited. Here was a store that would use deep recommendation and discovery features to do what Google’s Android Market hasn’t, and get people buying lots of Android apps. However, since its launch, developers have been talking rather more negatively about Amazon’s approach to pricing.

One of the key features at launch was Amazon’s Free App of the Day promotion, which would reduce the price of a single paid app to nothing, while promising to pay its developer 20% of its official price. Now developer Shifty Jelly has slammed Amazon for going back on that promise, offering developers the feature but saying it will pay them a “0% rev share for that one day you are placed”. Shifty Jelly isn’t impressed: “Amazon is being predatory here, and asking developers (who are often desperate for exposure) to give away their app, in order to promote Amazon,” it writes, before claiming that Amazon is also trying to restrict developers from discussing these deals publicly.

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