They’ll make love to you. Like you want them to. And they’ll hold you tight, baby, all through the night. Yes. But Boyz II Men aren’t just about sweet romancing. Band member Nathan Morris has given an interesting interview to the Huffington Post talking about the impact of digital music, and now apps. “We don’t hold a grudge against Napster because many of those companies presented those technologies and had really early meetings with record companies and tried to make them a part of what they were doing, and they all said no,” says Morris, while suggesting that the group’s new app holds the key to future revenues. “Music publishing is going to be used as a promotional tool. Any new music is going to be used as marketing tools… I think we’re moving into an app-driven world. Five days a week most people aren’t able to get on their computer.” And get this: Morris designed the band’s app himself apparently. “It took three months…” Source: Huffington Post

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