Confusion surrounds iTunes Match ‘streaming’ features


Yesterday, we reported on the developer beta launch of Apple’s iTunes Match service, including claims that the music elements of iCloud will support streaming as well as downloads. Now that feature is mired in confusion over whether it really is streaming. All Things Digital paraphrases an Apple spokesperson as saying iTunes Match will be focused o downloads only: any music people want to access from their iPhone or iPad must be stored locally on the device. And there’s some tortuous wording: a video seemingly showing a user streaming music from iCloud was actually ‘a simultaneous listen and download – users can hear the song while their machine ingests it’. Mac Rumors digs into the issue more, suggesting that Apple is using clever cacheing technology to grab songs from lockers to play on a device while they download. Which makes us wonder: are Apple and Spotify going to end up in a patent tussle around this kind of technology at some point? Just a thought.

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Written by: Music Ally