Independent band Uniform Motion have just released their new album ‘One Frame Per Second’ through download stores and streaming services, with a physical version available from the band’s own site. To celebrate, they’ve published lots of figures: specifically, how much they will make from each service the album is being sold or streamed on. The band claim they will get £0.003 per play on Spotify but £0.006 per play on Deezer. Meanwhile, after store cuts, Uniform Motion expects to get £4.97 for every copy the album sells on Amazon MP3, and £6.28 on iTunes (although it’s priced more on the latter). They’re operating a pay-what-you-want model on their own Bandcamp site, so a user paying £5 means £3.88 for te band after PayPal and Bandcamp’s fees. An interesting read. Source: Uniform Motion

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