Kristian Segerstrale is one of the more successful UK-based entrepreneurs, having sold his social games company Playfish to Electronic Arts in a deal worth up to $400 million. He gave a speech at an event last night for 50 innovative British mobile startups, giving his advice. It’s applicable beyond mobile though. “Never before has there been a time where as a small company you have such an unbelievable opportunity to challenge the big giants in any sector,” said Segerstrale, before focusing on specific bits of advice. “When you think of your vision, make it bigger and make it bolder. Not just taking a product to market and making some money off it, but genuinely changing the world… Go out and dare to put a zero on that number that you’re raising, in order to chase that vision that is exponentially bigger than what you were going to put on that PowerPoint… If the thing that your company is working on feels like it’s stagnating, dare to pivot…” And more. Source: Mobile Entertainment

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Tools: Kaiber

In the year or so since its launch, AI startup Kaiber has been making waves,…

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