UMG Twitter takedowns reportedly targeting links to authorised downloads


Here’s a tangled story, but one that indicates the crossed wires between the marketing and legal arms of the music industry haven’t been separated just yet. Techdirt has been digging into some takedown notices sent to Twitter by the RIAA, working as the authorised representative of Universal Music Group. The takedowns are for links posted by hip-hop bloggers to a download of the new album by hot producer The Dream. Which sounds fair enough, but the complication is that the album is being made available as a free download from The Dream’s (UMG-run) official website, and according to the report, many of the tweets targeted for takedown are simply linking to that official download. Or, as Techdirt notes: “For those of his fans who promote the work that he’s giving away for free directly on his label’s website by linking to that free music on a Universal Music website… the RIAA sends takedown notices, and people risk completely losing their Twitter accounts.”

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Written by: Music Ally