At last night’s Artist and Manager awards in London, organised by the MMF and FAC, we witnessed the surreal sight of Napster/Facebook/Spotify man Sean Parker giving an award to the manager of Mumford & Sons, but we also heard a spiky acceptance speech from veteran manager John Glover. He talked about attending a BPI meeting a few years’ back, and hearing that 2.5 million CDs had been sold that week, but 10.5 million CDs had been given away with the Sunday newspapers. “And you wonder why nobody values music any more,” said Glover, before turning his attention to rumours of 17 free concerts in London’s Hyde Park next year around the Olympics. “So we’ve given the music away, and now we’re going to give the shows away as well? Sensational! How are we going to earn a living next year? Has anybody got a clue? Is it not about time everybody stood up and stopped giving everything away? It has a value, and great artists need to be paid to make their music. If we don’t do that, this entire industry’s going to fall apart.” Source: Music Ally

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