Michael Robertson’s DAR.fm has been offering TiVo-style timeshifting features for streaming radio for a few months now, and is now providing a library of 16,000 shows from more than 5,000 stations. Until now, it’s been an on-demand streaming service, but Robertson says today will see a new feature: downloads. Dar.fm users will now be able to download shows to their iPhones, iPads, Android and BlackBerry smartphones over Wi-Fi or 3G, while also – via a spot of URL-pasting in iTunes – getting them on their PCs. It’s free to download one show or series, but for more than that, users will pay $39.95 a year to record up to 10. “Most DVR services lock content away, but increasingly consumers want to play media on mobile devices which requires downloading since network connectivity is still expensive, unreliable or capped,” says Robertson. “I’m excited to open DAR.fm personal recordings for downloading because it will make radio more fan friendly!” Will broadcasters and rightsholders agree? Stay tuned. Source: CNET

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