Oh yes. It’s been a while since we wrote about Second Life: remember the days when it was the Next Big Thing for music marketing? We even hosted an event to that effect, which we’re men enough not to pretend never happened nowadays. Anyway, all the social action (and hype) is around Facebook now, so startup Shaker is the inevitable results of someone wondering what a virtual world built around the world’s biggest social network might look like. TechCrunch describes it as “a mixture of Second Life, The Sims, and Turntable.fm all mixed together using your Facebook data and connections”, which sums it up nicely. Developed in Israel, Shaker gets people to create avatars, wander around virtual bars chatting, and choosing the music that plays in the background. It has $3 million in funding, and just won the startups award at TechCrunch’s Disrupt conference in San Francisco. Source: TechCrunch

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