They get knocked down, then put up again, is any lawyer going to keep them down? Fines for convicted filesharers in the US, we mean. The two most famous cases: Jammie Thomas-Rasset and Joel Tenenbaum, have seen damages slashed and restored on a regular basis due to appeals and retrials. Tenenbaum is the latest to see his fine change, and it’s not good news for him. Having seen his original $675,000 bill cut to $67,500, he has now seen it restored to $675,000 thanks to a First Circuit Court of Appeals ruling. Yes, there may be further appeals, so frankly it’s anyone’s guess when the fine will be finally fixed, let alone how much it will be. The net effect is to keep the idea of rightsholders suing filesharers in the US news, long after even the RIAA has abandoned the idea in its original form. Source: Ars Technica

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