Facebook’s new music features have sparked a debate over privacy, as we explained in last week’s Music Ally report. However, personal radio service Pandora is facing its own privacy row, with a class action lawsuit filed against the company in the US. The lawsuit says Pandora is flouting a 1988 federal law that bans companies for disclosing customers’ purchases or rentals of videos, books and sound recordings. The plaintiffs in Pandora’s case say its public user profiles break that law, since they publish users’ music listening history – although we’ll be interested to see how a law created in 1988 for purchases and rentals is interpreted for a service that’s closer to radio. The class action lawsuit is demanding $5,000 for Pandora subscribers in Michigan, and another $5,000 if their accounts were linked with Facebook. This law is taken seriously in the US, too: streaming movies service Netflix isn’t letting its US subscribers connect to Facebook because of it. If Pandora were to lose, there would certainly be implications for other music services. Source: PaidContent

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