French anti-piracy body Hadopi has announced some new statistics on its first year of notifications for people accused of illegal filesharing. It says it sent out more than 650,000 first-strike warnings in that first 12 months, while 44,000 people subsequently received a second warning. Meanwhile, 60 consumers are on their third strikes. They could face fines of up to 1,500 Euros, as well as internet disconnections of up to a month, according to TorrentFreak. The figures will be seized upon by both sides in the piracy debate with gusto. We’ll resist diving in with suggestions that 606,000 people stopped filesharing after their first strike, although we won’t be surprised if reports take that angle. The question of whether Hadopi’s three-strikes programme is working is more likely to be answered by the French music industry’s revenues for 2011 as a whole: Hadopi’s success will be if it helps reverse the decline of recorded music revenues, rather than any specific number of notifications.

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