There is a running spat developing between indie label Projekt and Spotify. The label pulled its catalogue last month and criticised the streaming service’s payouts, sparking a response from Spotify outlining its support for artists. Now Projekt founder Sam Rosenthal has returned to battle, telling Digital Music News that the $0.0013-per-stream payout simply isn’t good enough for his business. “It is interesting how they turn this into an accountant’s game of obfuscation, while ignoring the over-arching reason why labels like Projekt pull their music from all-you-can-eat services,” says Rosenthal. “In the world I want to live in, I envision artists fairly compensated for their creations… The artist’s passion, dedication and expression is respected and rewarded. Spotify is NOT a service that does this. Projekt will not be part of this unprincipled concept.” And he’s not impressed by Spotify’s argument that it shouldn’t be judged as a unit-based business. “This concept is nonsense… I look at how much Projekt is paid by Spotify, divide by the number of tracks streamed and get a per stream total. This makes sense to me. What I see is $.0013 is not viable compensation for using artist’s music as fodder to sell their service.”

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