Remember Bluebrain? The US indie artist released an album called The National Mall as an iPhone app in May, designed to be played within the boundaries of the National Mall park in Washington DC – the first ‘location based album’. Now it has a follow-up with an equally tourist-friendly setting: Central Park in New York. “Central Park (Listen to the Light) discards the passive listening experience and instead invites listeners to engage with their environment. The music changes and evolves based on the user’s location within Central Park in New York City,” explains its App Store listing. “Though the sequencing of Central Park (Listen to the Light) changes depending on the user’s route and pace, the individual compositions remain as permanent as tracks on an LP: a user standing twenty feet south of the Alice in Wonderland Sculpture can return to the same spot a week, month or year later to hear the same music.” The app is free. Source: AppShopper 

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