Entrepreneur Michael Robertson is ruffling feathers again, but this time it’s radio companies rather than music rightsholders. Robertson says he has received a cease-and-desist notice from Univision, which claims his DAR.fm radio recording service is infringing copyright. Robertson is, unsurprisingly, not taking this lying down. “Univision says that no court has addressed the legality of ‘precisely’ the kind of service offered by DAR.fm. Well, of course not the PRECISE service but darn close,” he writes. “It’s called Cartoon Network v Cablevision where courts ruled that a centralised recording service was not copyright infringement and did not require a license from media companies.” He also claims that allowing DAR.fm users to download recordings to various devices is not copyright infringement, since they are stored in password-protected storage. “Univision’s knee jerk reaction seems to be carrying on the longstanding media company tradition of making legal threats against every new technology. Just as the DVR has energized the TV business DAR.fm can do the same for radio making it available at a convenient time and device for consumers.” Source: Michael Robertson

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