Following the news of former Apple CEO Steve Jobs’ death earlier this week, various music industry figures have been paying tribute. “Thanks to his incomparable brilliance, Steve produced perhaps the greatest marriage of music and technology in over a century: the birth of the iPod and the launching of iTunes,” said Warner Music Group chairman Edgar Bronfman Jr. “Steve and I certainly disagreed about some issues, as business partners sometimes do, but I respected him not only for his astounding genius but for what set him apart from so many other technological innovators: his deep love of music.” Meanwhile, Sony/ATV chairman and CEO Martin Bandier added his thoughts. “The biggest upside was that he made a new generation realize that they had to pay for music – and that is a tough battle when you are competing against free.” Although he also pointed to a downside: “The pricing never rose about 99 cents and that made it very difficult to survive and prosper. And also the single-driven aspect of the business.” Oh, and U2’s Bono praised “one of a very small group of anarchic Americans who through technology literally invented the 21st century”.

Source: Billboard
Source: Hollywood Reporter 

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