In April, UK ISPs BT and TalkTalk lost all but one of their complaints against the Digital Economy Act, in a High Court ruling. Was that the end of the story? Nope. The ISPs have now been granted permission to appeal that ruling on four counts, which The Guardian suggests will push back the introduction of the planned notifications process for filesharers by six months. “The government had planned to start sending the letters in the first half of next year, but it will now have to hold off until the challenge by Britain’s two largest ISPs is resolved,” explains its report. The appeal hearing will be heard by three judges, one of which must have EU experience due to the ISPs’ complaint that the DEA violates existing EU legislation. “We are pleased to have been granted permission to appeal the high court judgment,” said BT in a statement. “We now expect that the hearing will take place as soon as possible.” Every delay for the DEA’s implementation pushes it closer to another General Election in the UK, where the issue may be controversial. Source: The Guardian

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