Kickstarter attracts 1m ‘backers’ for crowdfunded projects

Crowdfunding company Kickstarter has announced that it has attracted its millionth ‘backer’ – meaning someone who commits to fund one of the projects on its site. The first 200,000 backers took 16 months; the last 200,000 took three months. Currently about 75,000 new backers pledge to projects each month. 89% of backers have supported a successful project. Meanwhile, 16% of backers have done it more than once: Kickstarter has 166,823 people who have backed two or more projects, 66,676 who’ve backed three or more, and 23,601 who have backed five or more. Overall, Kickstarter has attracted around 1.4 million pledges, 75% of which have been for $50 or less. In total, backers have pledged more than $100 million to projects. Backers have already brought more than 13,000 projects to life.Read more:

Written by: Music Ally