Website Techdirt is somewhat polarising within the music industry. Founder and editor Mike Masnick regularly takes rightsholders to task for their strategies around distribution and copyright infringement, yet he has also banged the drum for artists and other creators making money from their work in interesting and innovative ways. Now he’s taken the next step and launched a community called Step2, focused on the latter. “We realized that what’s really missing out there is a true community to help people figure this stuff out” writes Masnick. “There’s really no great place for a content creator to ask people how can they better connect with a fan base. There’s really no great place out there for an artist to compare different store hosting platforms to see which ones might serve their needs better. There’s really no great place out there for someone to figure out just how should they set up this business model/online store/crowdfunding campaign. And there’s no great place for fans to reach out and help the creators they love as well with these same sorts of questions.” Hence Step2. Link

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Tools: Kaiber

In the year or so since its launch, AI startup Kaiber has been making waves,…

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