Google has removed filesharing app FrostWire from its Android Market apps store, but the company behind the app says it hasn’t been told why. FrostWire is one of the most popular filesharing apps on Android according to TorrentFreak, which says it’s been installed more than one million times. FrostWire’s Angel Leon tells the blog that he believes the removal may be due to previous criticism of the app’s privacy policies, even though they have since been amended. “It’s just plain wrong that you get suspended without ANY explanation or ANY notice, specially an app for which people have said they bought an Android for, and which has been installed on over one million devices during the last 12 months,” says Leon. It’s possible that a separate rightsholder-related takedown request was responsible for the removal, although there is no evidence of that yet. Google’s relaxed policy on Android Market approvals for filesharing apps has attracted criticism from rightsholders.

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