Android boss promises Google music store will have a ‘twist’


Google is still in negotiations to launch its long-rumoured music store, but its Android boss Andy Rubin says the company is closing in on the store’s debut. “I think we’re close,” he said in an appearance at the AsiaD conference in Hong Kong. Rubin’s comments also hinted at why the licensing negotiations aren’t a simple affair, saying that the store “will have a little twist – it will have a little Google in it. It won’t just be selling 99-cent tracks”. Rubin was also asked about the reportedly sluggish sales of Android tablets, which have paled in comparison to Apple’s iPad. “I wouldn’t say completely flopped,” said Rubin on-stage. “There are more than 6 million Android tablets out there.” Rubin also had words that will bring cheer to app developers struggling to make money on Google’s Android Market store. “It’s going to get better exponentially very soon.” Source: Reuters  Source: Mashable


Written by: Music Ally