Fast Company’s profile of entrepreneur Bill Nguyen is very long, but it’s a great read. He talks about selling his digital music startup Lala to Apple: “I said: We should just sell the company. They’re like, ‘That makes no sense, no one’s going to buy it, Apple never buys anything.’ It took me two weeks, start to finish.” Nguyen also talks about the mistakes he makes as a CEO: “I make the same mistakes with every single startup. Sell too early, not patient enough, make some bad hiring choices; I make them again and again. Every time I do it, I think I’m not going to do it, but I keep trying. Maybe I’m the Don Quixote of startups.” And he also fronts up about the botched launch of Color, the social app he raised $41 million to build but which launched to brutal criticism of its shortcomings. “Within 30 minutes I realized, Oh my God, it’s broken. Holy shit, we totally f***ed up. I thought we were going to build a better Facebook. My reaction was like putting your finger into a light socket. You know something went very wrong.” An amazing read.

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