Remember that ‘twist’ in the upcoming Google Music store that we wrote about earlier this week? The company’s Android boss Andy Rubin didn’t give any details when he made the comment, but Business Insider claims to have the full skinny on Google’s plans, courtesy of a music biz mole. Its report claims Google Music will let people who buy songs share them with friends “on a limited basis”. How?… By sending them to those friends, who will be able to listen to them for either a limited number of times or a limited time period for free. The sending may involve links to stream the tunes from the purchaser’s Google Music cloud locker. “Our source also tells us that Google – like Spotify and many other services – is paying the major labels huge up-front advances to get these kinds of rights. The majors are big enough to demand these advances, while most smaller indie labels are not, and are therefore getting left out of the chain,” suggests the report. We suspect Merlin may have something to say about that, as well as publishers and collecting societies. 
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