Every other entertainment industry tends to boast about how much it’s learned from the music industry’s digital mistakes. So we’d understand if there was a teensy touch of schadenfreude among music execs at news of consumer unrest at the new UltraViolet initiative for Blu-ray movies. UltraViolet is supposed to be a great thing for consumers: they buy a physical disc and get a bundled digital version of the film to watch on other devices. However, Warner Bros has been getting stinking user reviews on retail sites for its first two UltraViolet-enabled films, The Green Lantern and Horrible Bosses. The biggest complaint: the digital versions can’t be played in iTunes, and getting them to play on iOS devices requires using the app of film startup Flixster, which is reportedly having some technical issues with the scheme. “The development process for creating a breakthrough new media ecosystem, such as UltraViolet, is an ongoing one,” says a spokesperson for DECE, the industry group behind UltraViolet. Well, indeed. 
Source: GigaOm

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