We wrote about the negative reactions to the US Stop Online Piracy Act yesterday (formerly known as the PROTECT IP Act). Now music industry bodies have been coming out with their more welcoming responses. “Creators of IP must be protected from foreign companies that seek to rob America’s creative community through rogue websites,” says Recording Academy boss Neil Portnow.

Meanwhile, an A2IM statement “applauds” the bill: “Some of our greatest opponents are search engines linking to sites that allow access to unlicensed music, as is done by services like Google to offshore sites like RapidShare in Germany or MegaUpload in the Ukraine (selling their Google ads along the way), with no piracy search engine linking liability”.

Meanwhile, National Music Publishers’ Association boss David Israelite also hailed the moves against “a segment of web operators who are criminals, pure and simple”, adding that “current laws tie the hands of both law enforcement and judicial personnel in many instances, to the detriment of American business and consumers”.

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