If you thought Hadopi was controversial in France, president Nicolas Sarkozy has floated a new idea that could cause even more of a stir. In his speech at the Forum d’Avignon conference, Sarkozy suggested a new tax on French ISPs that could be used to create a Centre National de la Musique, which would fund music and cultural events – building on ideas already sent to his minister of culture Frederic Mitterand. News site Activepolitic has this translated quote from Sarkozy: “Globalization is now, and the giants of the internet earn lot of money on the French market. Good for them, but they do not pay a penny in tax to France.”

PaidContent reports on another section of Sarkozy’s speech, where he talked about the Hadopi anti-piracy initiative. Sarkozy claimed that since its introduction, piracy had been reduced by 35% in France – it’s unclear where this stat came from – but also suggested that the legislation may need to be extended to cover unlicensed streaming as well as downloading.

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