Universal Music Group’s latest legal complaint against streaming music service Grooveshark has been published, including the internal company emails that UMG is using as evidence. They include a pair from Grooveshark chairman Sina Simantob, who suggests that “we use the label’s songs till we get a 100 (million) uniques, by which time we can tell the labels who is listening to their music, where, and then turn around and charge them for the very data we got from them, ensuring that what we pay them in total for streaming is less than what they pay us for data mining”.

The second email outlines the theory that “it is easier to ask for forgiveness than it is to ask for permission. When EMI sued, everyone thought it is the end of the company. Once we settled that suit everyone said EMI was weak anyway so the real Goliath to beat is [Universal Music Group]. Well it took the boys a bit before they could re-group but I think these guys have a real chance to settle with UMG within a year and by that time, they’ll be up to 35 million unique and a force to be dealt with.” That settlement doesn’t appear to be happening any day soon.

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