How easy is it to build a Spotify app? Echo Nest man explains


The Echo Nest’s Paul Lamere has published a great blog post about his first-hand experience building an app for the new Spotify Apps platform. Lamere converted his own MusicMaze web app to run on the platform, and reports that it’s “pretty easy”, although he had to remove quite a bit of code.

“Since the Spotify App version runs inside Spotify, my app doesn’t have to worry about displaying album art, showing the currently playing song, album and artist name, managing a play queue, support searching for an artist. Spotify will do all that for me.” Lamere praises the platform for being “a very familiar programming environment for anyone who’s made a modern web app”, but warns that the current need for approval before an app can go live means “the nimbleness of the web is lost” while posing more questions: “How quickly will they turn around an app? How long will it take for Spotify to approve a submitted app? Will it be hours, days, weeks? How will updates be managed?”

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