The US Stop Online Piracy Act continues to provoke public debate from the industries affected by the proposed legislation. RIAA boss Cary Sherman has written to the New York Times denying that SOPA will squash free speech. “To the contrary, the bills are specifically designed to focus on the worst of the worst sites whose model is predicated on theft… There may be different ways to craft a sensible bill, and we’re all for finding the best way, but one thing is clear: the status quo isn’t working. These illicit sites are among the culprits behind the music industry’s more than 50 percent decline in revenues during the last decade, resulting in 15,000 layoffs and fewer resources to invest in new bands.” However, an influential group of technology industry CEOs and founders – Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, eBay, YouTube et al – have written their own open letter criticising the likely “chilling effect on innovation” of SOPA if it goes through as it stands. “Let’s not deny the next generation of entrepreneurs and founders the same opportunities that we all had.”

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