Wired has a very interesting article comparing the US catalogues of streaming music services Rdio and Spotify. Journalist Andy Baio uses the top 5,000 albums from music site Rate Your Music, spanning the last 70 years of recorded music, and analyses how many are available on the two services. “Of the top 5,000, about 44% were available on both Spotify and Rdio. 4.8% of the albums were only available on Spotify, while a further 6.8% were only available on Rdio. Overall, 56% of the albums were streamable on at least one of the services,” he reports. There are some big names who have albums that are only on Rdio, including Bob Dylan, Pink Floyd, Bruce Springsteen and Miles Davis (note, this is individual albums rather than their entire catalogues – Miles Davis has six albums only on Rdio and four only on Spotify). Next up for Wired: analysing the more mainstream Billboard charts in the same way.

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