Here’s a few new music-related sites and services to take a look at while the new-year fug settles. Everyone’s Mixtape is the latest attempt to digitise the idea of the mixtape – a pet project of Brooklyn developer Richard Mai. We don’t know how to pronounce Tubalr, but we know what it is: a YouTube-fuelled music discovery site that serves up playlists based on specific artists. Freemake Music Box is a PC application that promises free streaming. The source is unclear: “Freemake Music Box indexes music that has been legally posted on the Internet, so you won’t get into trouble.” Web, mobile and tablet versions are on the way. Our favourite new service, though, is Callin’ Oates. The US-based service uses cloud-based telephony (we’re not making that phrase up) to get people to call a number, and listen to a song from Hall & Oates. More than 600k calls were recorded in its first week, as fans revealed that yes, they could go for that. Sorry. On a serious note, the tech used for Callin’ Oates could easily be used for licensed services run by artists and/or their labels…

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