The American Assembly at Columbia University has published a report titled ‘Copyright Infringement and Enforcement in the US’, examining consumers’ attitudes towards online piracy in the light of the controversial SOPA legislation. The full report is being released early this year, but a summary provides some topline figures. It finds that 46% of US adults have bought, copied or downloaded unauthorised music, TV shows or movies – although that’s 70% for 18-29 year-olds. The figure for music specifically is 30% of adults. However, only 2% of adults have pirated more than 1,000 music files – “large-scale digital piracy”. Meanwhile, 46% of people who admit to pirating music say they now do it less due to the emergence of low-cost legal streaming services. Meanwhile, 52% of Americans support warnings and fines for digital piracy, but 69% oppose monitoring of their internet activity for enforcement purposes, while 57% oppose blocking or filtering by commercial intermediaries “if those measures also block some legal content or activity”. Necessary caveat: the survey was supported by a research award from Google.

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