eMusic has teamed up with Midem for a report on the British digital music market, categorising consumers into five demographic groups according to their behaviour. It reckons 28% of people who buy digital music are ‘omnivores’ – very active but not loyal to any particular genre. 24% are ‘mainstream followers’ who tend to like whatever everybody else is liking. 20% are ‘cultural independents’ – more passionate and knowledgable fans who don’t tend to follow the crowd. 19% are categorised as ‘mainstream leaders’ – “pop culturists who are passionate about popular music”, and 9% are classed as ‘independent followers’, who have indie tastes but tend to rely on other people for recommendations. eMusic also looks at how people discover music, with radio the most popular (69% of the general population find new music that way at least twice a month), ahead of TV/movies (59%), friends (58%), YouTube (57%) and Facebook (35%).

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