Ars Technica’s headline puts it in a neat nutshell: ‘Internet wins: SOPA and PIPA both shelved’. The sponsors of the Stop Online Piracy Act and its Senate counterpart the Protect IP Act have both put the legislation on ice, following the fierce protests of recent weeks. “I have heard from the critics and I take seriously their concerns regarding proposed legislation to address the problem of online piracy,” said Lamar Smith, SOPA’s sponsor. The news came as Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) boss Chris Dodd faced a storm over comments he made on Thursday. “Those who count on quote ‘Hollywood’ for support need to understand that this industry is watching very carefully who’s going to stand up for them when their job is at stake,” he had told Fox News. “Don’t ask me to write a cheque for you when you think your job is at risk and then don’t pay any attention to me when my job is at stake.” Dodd released a more measured statement after the legislation was delayed. “With today’s announcement, we hope the dynamics of the conversation can change and become a sincere discussion about how best to protect the millions of American jobs affected by the theft of American intellectual property.”

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