With the proposed SOPA and PIPA legislation now on ice in the US, what next? Topspin’s Ian Rogers has published a guest post on Hypebot with his own suggestion: “A content registry where copyright holders can express the rules governing the use of their content and a legislative requirement sites dealing in media respect the rules expressed by the rights-holder in the registry”. Rogers proposes that any application creators willing to abide by the registry’s rules would be able to use its content, but rightsholders would be able to opt out of specific services if they wanted to. Rogers also suggests that sites – including cyberlockers like Rapidshare – could use the registry to test whether uploaded files are infringing copyright, and appeals to the RIAA and MPAA for support. “Embracing the above solution would show you aren’t simply interested in regaining yesterday’s control but are truly interested in seeing innovative content applications so long as your copyright is respected.”

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