The Pew Research Centre has published a new piece of work on Facebook, and how people are using it in the US. It finds that the average user “gets more from their friends than they give to their friends” due to the existence of ‘power users’ who are doing lots of things on Facebook. “It is more common to be ‘liked’ than to like others,” notes the research. “The postings, uploads, and updates of Facebook users are liked – through the use of the ‘like’ button – more often than these users like the contributions of others.” It also finds that Facebook users average seven new friends a month; that women post more status updates than men (21 to six a month respectively, on average); and that there is “no evidence” of Facebook fatigue among users. “On the contrary, the more time that has passed since a user started using Facebook, the more frequently he/she makes status updates, uses the ‘like’ button, comments on friends’ content, and tags friends in photos.”

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