Today’s best way to blow out the mental cobwebs is a tough-talking opinion piece by musician David Lowery, from Cracker and Camper Van Beethoven. It was delivered at the SF MusicTech Summit in San Francisco, but also published on Facebook. In it, he aims to show how digital music models are worse for artists than old-school record deals. WITH CAPITALS. For example: “So essentially THE NEW BOSS in the new model is iTunes and Amazon (also indirectly Google). And THE NEW BOSS is actually more greedy than the old boss.” And more: “In the new model you have these parasitic entities (itunes etc) that take 30% of gross and provide no added value. As screwed up as the old business was there was this giant parasitic entity sucking out 30% of gross for nothing. This should suggest to any intelligent person that there is something seriously wrong with the NEW MODEL.”

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