Evolver.fm has published an exhaustive inquest into the implosion of music startup Beyond Oblivion, with CEO Adam Kidron fingered with much of the blame for the company’s shocking collapse just before Christmas. Among the details in the piece: BO required at least $200m in commercial commitments from operator and/or device-maker partners to cover its advance payments to labels. “It’s just crazy in this market, in these days, that the labels would ask for prepays. But it’s even crazier that we would agree to them, and that any investor would allow us to agree to them. I don’t blame the labels for asking for it; I blame us for agreeing to it.” Kidron is also blamed for demanding worldwide deals rather than rolling out territory by territory; for not driving deals with publishers as well as labels; and for spending $25k a month on travel and $500k on branding the company’s service BOINC. On the plus side, plans to hire models to walk the CES showfloor in January with “Wanna boinc?” on their knickers and t-shirts never came to pass.

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