One of the buzzier music discovery sites this year has been This Is My Jam, which encourages its users to pick a single song every week to share with friends. Founder Matthew Ogle tells PandoDaily that since its launch in February, more than 125k ‘jams’ have been shared by users. “Rather than lists of albums, or artists, a song seemed like an atomic unit I could remember and look up when I got home,” says Ogle. “Especially in the face of Facebook taking scrobbling mainstream with Spotify, it really [feels] like everything [is] being reduced to `just listened,’ auto-generated hype charts, and bland Youtube links shared in feed after endless feed.” He adds that users have been choosing older tracks as well as new songs. “A few people have jokingly dubbed it the `slow music movement,’ but it seems to work. There are a lot of features still missing but we’re on to something.”

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