There’s no music angle to this story for now, but it’s an interesting sign of how rapidly something can blow up on Apple’s App Store. US casual games firm OMGPOP has a mega-hit on its hands with iOS and Android game Draw Something – essentially turn-based Pictionary played against your Facebook friends. Released on 1 February, it has now done more than 30m downloads, is adding 1m more every day, and with 10.8m daily active users, is now the most popular social game (judged by DAUs) in the world. The company tells GigaOm that it’s currently making ‘low six figures in revenue a day’ from a mixture of upgrades from free-to-paid, in-app purchases and advertising. What’s its secret? OMGPOP’s Dan Porter claims it’s that it’s more a social thing than a game. “We’re taking game play and wrapping it in the framework of communication, sharing experiences and playing together… I’m not a game designer and I don’t pretend to be one so I didn’t really think about the rules of making a game. Most designers would have said you need scores or leaderboards but it didn’t feel right so I didn’t do them.”

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