We’ve lost count of the non-music conferences we’ve been to where people proclaim that they’ve learned from the music industry’s digital mistakes – including the risks of taking legal action against individual filesharers. This isn’t a unanimous opinion, though. Book publisher John Wiley is suing hundreds of people who illegally downloaded e-books like Cooking for Dummies and Vegetable Gardening for Dummies, having obtained the names of these people from their ISPs. Meanwhile, adult entertainment star Ben Dover’s company Golden Eye International has won a UK High Court ruling to force O2 to hand over the details of more than 9,000 of its customrs accused of downloading his movies. What’s more, Dover is expected to send out ACS:Law-style letters demanding settlement to avoid being sued. This didn’t end well for music, but perhaps the embarrassment potential of public porn lawsuits will have a different result for Golden Eye.

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